Reiki During Cold and Flu Season

December 12, 2018 5:43 pm Published by

It’s remarkable what a person can pick up on when you connect to someone else’s energy. Even if they are a long ways away, you can still give treatment as if they are in the same room.

During cold and flu season, reiki is a great way to heal from a distance. Last week I became very ill with the flu, it struck me suddenly at 3 am. I immediately had pain in my stomach, aches pains and a 102 temperature. I performed  reiki on myself twice, however it was very hard for me to focus and my anxiety was amped up. I contacted my friend. 

She was drawn to three areas, the third eye, sacral, and solar plexus by using the distance symbol. These were also the three chakras that I had been working on. She informed me that my third eye was not accepting the reiki, which is true; my anxiety felt like it was spinning. And then there was my solar plexus, what a mess… All of the things that I was feeling she was seeing. She asked for the white light to clear up all this chaos. 

About 15 minutes later I started to eat some flavored ice for the first time all day. When your body is unwell, there are unique areas that vibrate at a much lower frequency. The longer you have the condition the lower the frequency. At this time, I felt an energetic shift drop from my stomach. 

Reiki can help spread the healing process by the following:

Reduction in pain and inflammation

Improvement in energy flow from the body’a reserved wnergy

Reduction in stress

Clears unwanted and blocked energy that could be the route cause of ailments


Reiki energy is a universal life energy that vibrates at a very high frequency to keep you healthy and happy. By applying reiki, your body is basically shown how it’s “supposed to vibrate.” It then slowly (or sometimes not so slowly) adjusts to the frequency vibration of reiki.

Reiki connects with your body and shows your body how to essentially heal itself. Your body, of course, has always healed itself, but sometimes it can take what feels like a very very long time. Because reiki works on energetic levels, the healing can occur almost instantly! This is probably the most sacred and luckiest tool I have. I am blessed I have those in my circle to help me along when I need it.