I had a general sense of well being for the next few days that I haven’t felt in quite some time. Angela made me a believer in the practice of Reiki healing and therapy and I look forward to having another session soon.
Sarah, Fremont NH

She had keyed in on the core issue of my emotional life. Tears of relief flowed at the comfort of being ‘seen’ and ‘felt’. I feel so blessed to have her in my and my daughters’ lives.
Rachael, Strafford NH

Being in landscaping its rough on my back. Angie had pinpointed the issues within my body and helped ease the weight from labor. I also have much going on with being a single father. Angie has been helping me refocus and feel more light overall.
Zach, South Berwick NH

Angela and I went to high school together so when she reached out to me I was nothing but thrilled to connect with her again! It was absolutely divine. She was brought to me to be my doula for my first pregnancy. We had a connection right away. One thing that I loved about Angela was she was extremely relatable. She was able to understand my fears, my hopes, my intentions, and everything that I was feeling before and after my pregnancy that I shared with her on a very deep level. Totally understood what I was going through. I saw her about once a month during my pregnancy and each time she would chat with me about what I was going through and anything that came up for me. She would also have specific subjects that she would talk about. I didn’t want to have a birth plan instead I wanted to have more of just intentions to go about my pregnancy and birth. She printed out a birth plan that I could just overlooked. And thank goodness she did. It touched on so many things I would never have thought about. She was extremely prompt and organized. But I also went with the flow with whatever my prenatal visits needed in that moment. She’s a Reiki master and Shaman healer amongst other modalities. And she customize each session to my needs. Having the combination of energy work intuitive insight and prenatal knowledge combined, gave me and my baby the best experience in the best care that we could have had. I would highly recommend Angela to anybody who is pregnant or wanting to be pregnant! She can do so much for anybody in any stage of their life. I would absolutely consider having her be my Doula for any other pregnancy I go through!